Why choose us?

5Four Payroll – Why us?

Unlike many payroll bureaus, our prices are fixed dependent on number of employees and frequency of payroll (i.e. weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly or monthly) – we do not charge for new employees or to make amendments. We set up a monthly standing order and this will only change if you employ more (or less) staff in total.

5Four payroll allows employers to forget about the red tape involved in employing staff and enables them to concentrate on running and growing their business.

Cost Effective
5Four can manage your payroll from as little as £9 a month, often cheaper than payroll software!
Save Time
Enables you to concentrate on running and growing your business, rather than spending time on payroll
No Hidden Costs
All our prices are based on number of employees, at a fixed price
Experts at Payroll
Part of 360 Chartered Accountants, we have the expertise to deliver an effective service

The 5Four Team…

Andy Steele
Managing Director
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Rebecca Buttner
Payroll Bureau Manager
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Susan Stevens-Read
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